Project Dance

proj-dance-imgThis unique program was designed by PAF’s founder, Pilita Danesh, as a new mode of learning that utilizes the arts in an inventive way. Who would have thought that watching a breakdancer could actually motivate students to want to learn about Physics theories? Or that ballroom dancers could illustrate abstract Geometrical concepts? PAF dares to bring professional artists directly into the classroom as a way to tackle math and science topics too complex to grasp on paper alone.

Project Re-Write

proj-rewrite-imgThis PAF program targets at-risk youth who struggle with issues regarding the role they play in their own lives. Many battered and abused children often feel they have no choice in how their lives play out. Through script-writing and role-playing, Positively Arts Foundation affords these children the opportunity to act out their life roles alongside their peers. Once they’ve watched back the role they’ve chosen for themselves, they’re asked to RE-WRITE their roles according to how they WANT to be played. This activity allows the children to see how envisioning a change can actually put that change into motion.

Project Collaborate Create

proj-collaborate-imgThis collaborative arts project is PAF’s way of getting students to break down cultural and socioeconomic barriers and become more accepting of one another, no matter what the differences. A classroom at one school teams with classrooms at other schools to write one song, choreograph one dance, and perform one artistic piece together in front of their peers in a donated performing space. Imagine one class writing a bass line to a song, sending it to another class to lay down the guitar track, another group adds the drums and vocals…the same is done with a dance and script, and the end result is a brilliant collaborative piece that unites students across the district.

Project Give Music

proj-instrumentThis PAF Program involves the donation of any and all types of musical instruments to those children in Clark County who can benefit from the empowerment of mastering an instrument. Free lessons are donated by PAF teaching artists to accompany instruments donated.

Art Works!

Art Works! was created by Positively Arts Foundation’s founder, Pilita Danesh, and Board of Director, Jeffery Hopkins, in conjunction with Harvard University’s Arts in Education Masters Program, where both graduated with honors in 2005. It’s mission was to encourage at-risk students to participate in collaborative arts projects, thereby getting them off the streets while building interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. Positively Arts Foundation wishes to replicate the Art Works! Program here in Las Vegas, working with students who may not have positive outlets after regular school hours. Your donations and generosity can help fund this program.

Broadway Dreamers

Do you love theater and the performing arts?! Broadway Dreamers is an arts-based company dedicated to bringing professional artists together with aspiring students to create unforgettable arts learning experiences in fun-filled settings! It is our mission to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and HEAL through the arts! During workshops, performances, and fantasy camps, Broadway Dreamers illustrates the best practices in performing, collaboration, creativity, audition techniques, and character development. Current professionals from Disney to Cirque du Soleil to Broadway gather together in spaces around the country, providing the best interactive performing experiences for students of all talent levels! If you can DREAM it, then you can LIVE it, and you will LOVE it every step of the way!

Broadway Dreamers Anti-Bullying School Tour


A Positively Arts Foundation sponsored event, The Broadway Dreamers Anti-Bullying School Tour brings a message of empowerment, leadership, teamwork, respect, and collaboration. Going hand-in-hand with “Be Kind,” professional performers and headliners from The Strip donate their master classes to any school in the Las Vegas Valley. Student performances also available. Join schools like Bonanza HS, Dean Allen ES, Burkholder MS, Thurman White MS, Lee Antonello ES, Arbor View HS, Priest ES, Roy Martin MS, Jesse D Scott ES, Tobler ES, and many more who have already benefited from this empowering and inspiring FREE interactive performance and master class session! Email: to schedule your school tour today! (more…)